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I’m Hanna! Middle name, Eva. I make art & jewelry, and other things, but mainly those two things. I have been studying and creating art since I was a young child. I started designing jewelry 5 years ago. My subject matter is typically dark, weird, surreal, witchy, organic, or just adorable! I consider myself a nerd, so you will see fanart and techy stuff from time to time. I am very passionate about artistic self-expression and accessorizing with wearable art. Eye of Eva Studios is essentially a small pink room in my house that I go to every day. It’s where I blast music and do my thing. I want to share with the world what my mind sees, what my soul hears, and to encourage others to express themselves every day too. I hope to show others who might be struggling that they aren’t alone, and they too can make their dreams true. And honestly, I just love making stuff and I am going to keep doing it for forever. If my art can make just one person happy or feel seen, I have fulfilled my duty as an artist.

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